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Have you ever heard of Lucky Rings? No? Well hold on because I’m about to let you know why these rings have it when it comes to giving even the most active of couples the perfect way to show their love without risking the beauty of their Wedding rings! If you have heard of Lucky Rings then you know why I’m so excited to share but read on because you can grab a Discount Code to get 20% off your next set!

The Rings Have It |

I have had many a time when I’ve hesitated in wearing my wedding rings simply because I was nervous about them getting damaged, dirty or worse case scenario: lost!

Lucky Rings makes affordable, great looking, premium silicone wedding bands that fit any active lifestyle. Lucky silicone wedding bands are lightweight, waterproof, and extremely durable. Whether weight lifting, camping, or working we’ve got you covered. –Lucky Rings

Silicone Is The Key

That’s right Silicone. Lucky Rings are soft, comfortable, flexible and durable. I have been able to work out, move furniture, craft, wash dishes…everything I would take my wedding rings off for I’ve been able to put on my Lucky Rings to do!

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I have been wearing silicone rings for about a year, and I am so thrilled with the switch. I never take them off. They stay on during a swim, don’t press or cause discomfort when weight training or riding.

I recently started wearing Lucky Rings after trying the Qalo brand. I found the Lucky Rings to be thinner and more comfortable – and (at least) half the price.

With the discount code? You’re getting a four-pack of rings for $8. So it’s a steal.

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Again, I took the Mazda 3 hatch out for a drive down to South San Jose (I think). That’s Alfie’s excited face :)

But whenever hiking alone, I remove my wedding rings and don’t carry valuables with me. Pthf…never know! Creeps are everywhere man. I get sketched out, plus Alfie isn’t exactly a protector dog size, even though he’s a loud-mouth he will deter any weirdos with his loud barking lol. So I’ve seen these silicone wedding rings around the internet for a few years but didn’t think anything of it. Lucky Rings reached out to me and asked if Scott and I wanted to try them out. Honestly, they’re just that — silicone so they’re super inexpensive (and I got 7 colours to choose from lol) but handy to have around when you still want to wear something on your ring finger, but don’t want to wear the bling....

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Get Lucky

You may have noticed I'm married when I run lately. At least that is how Grace puts it. And she diligently checks to see if I am "married" each time I get ready to go run.

I've never worn my wedding ring when I run because it is annoying and top heavy and gets sweaty underneath. And when I wear gloves to keep my hands warm, I am so paranoid about my ring coming off and getting lost when I remove my gloves. 

So I'm very happy to have found Lucky Rings!
Here's a little proof:
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