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7 pack women's silicone wedding rings - black pink purple teal black with gold glitter white with gold glitter white with pink glitter silicone wedding bands rubber rings gym rings women's silicon rings

7 Pack Women's Silicone Wedding Rings - Workout and Gym Wedding Bands!

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7 Pack Women's Silicone Wedding Rings - 7 Vibrant Colors to Match Any Outfit - Workout and Gym Wedding Bands!
-100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Our women's medical grade silicone wedding bands are durable, smooth, non-porous and waterproof, your silicone wedding ring will be strong and beautiful. If you have any problems at all we offer a full refund or free size exchange, no questions asked!

-SEVEN VIBRANT FASHIONABLE COLORS: Lucky Rings are the most vibrant colors of any women's silicone wedding rings on Amazon! Set includes 7 colorful rings: Black, Pink, Purple, Turquoise (Teal), Black with Gold Glitter, Clear with Pink Glitter, and White with Gold Glitter to accessorize with your outfits or mood!

-WORKPLACE SAFETY: Non-conductive to electricity or heat, won't react with chemicals, and breaks apart at 40 lbs. of stress.

-MEDICAL-GRADE: Smooth, for use under gloves, for medical professionals, lab technicians, chefs, food industry workers, and more! Our silicone wedding rings are hypoallergenic so they won't irritate your skin, they help prevent "de-gloving" accidents!

-HONOR YOUR WEDDING VOWS: Your silicone wedding band allows you to wear a symbol of your vows, and is a reminder of your marital status to others!

Women's Jewelry: Silicone Wedding Rings - 7 Pack Chic Fashion Colors - Non-Conductive Safety Band, Workplace Safety, Fitness Workout, Adventure Sports - Medical Grade Silicone - Always Wear Your Wedding Ring

Do you want to keep your wedding ring on, but workplace safety requires you to take it off? Do you love adventure sports or a good work out, but worry that you could damage your ring or hurt your fingers?

Many married women want to wear their wedding band, as a symbol of their vows, and as a reminder to others that they are married; however, in many occupations, wearing a metal ring can be hazardous! Industrial safety rules often require removal of metal band due to risk of electrical shock, chemical and heat burns, or getting trapped in machinery.

A professional nurse, primary care physician, chef, food industry worker, and many other women, are required to wear gloves when dealing with patients or food. Metal rings can get caught, causing de-gloving accidents that can risk patient and professional, or contaminating food products. Silicone wedding rings are the solution!

Our silicone rings are safe for the workplace, non-conductive, and won't cause de-gloving accidents. They're comfortable for adventure sports and work outs, and they break apart at 40 lbs. of pressure if caught or trapped. They're also great for working out. These rings can make It through any Rigorous workout routine. They are perfect for crossfit, running, or power Lifting.

They're available in a 7pk. of fashion colors: Black, Pink, Purple, Turquoise (Teal), Black with Gold Glitter, Clear with Pink Glitter, and White with Gold Glitter so you can wear them for any occasion! You'll love wearing your ring all day, and you will keep your original ring beautiful for when you're able to wear it!

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